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Company: Terms and Conditions

About the system

Temply is an on-demand labour market platform that helps employers to get quick access to the best possible qualified employees, and workers to get the best jobs possible matching their competencies and wishes working with what they want when they want, where they want - giving the best possible motivated employees.

The system automatically handles everything administratively - such as contracts, timer registration, payroll, etc. - so no administrative burden. Only job satisfaction.

How it works

Companies indicate who they need, where and when, and candidates matching will automatically be notified and can apply with one click, and the user company selects the one(s) they find best for the job. Simple as that.

Welcome to the largest on-demand staffing platform - your own staffing app(lication) - a 100% transparent labour market platform, where you find and choose the best possible employees, as well as cheaper than any other way to get and manage your crew on.

Terms and conditions

This agreement is entered into between your company (hereinafter referred to as the Company) and Temply AB, org. No. 559353-7474 (hereinafter referred to as the Service), and functions as a user agreement where the Company hires extra staff through the Service.

The company finds and selects the employees themselves, through the Service, and agrees on salary, start time, duration, working hours, workplace, etc., directly with the employees through the Service, which is agreed and confirmed in the application.

Hourly rates

The Company is obliged to state and provide employees with legal compensation in accordance with any collective agreements, company information or anything else that affects the Company's salary.

If changes are made to the Company's salary, including changes in any agreements, customs, etc., you are obliged to correct this in the application.

If the Company does not have a valid collective agreement, the employees must at least be paid according to the custom within the work area to which the work are within.

If the Company indicates incorrect payment, the Service has the right to invoice the difference to provide the employee.

Job cancellation:

If you find out on the working day that the employee is no longer needed, we appreciate if the Company informs us as soon as possible by mail or phone.

If the employee is told not to work less than 2 hours before the start of the job, the employee has the right to be paid for half the working day, at least 4 hours.


The Company may employ employees from the Service directly from the Service by any of the following means:

1. After an employee has worked 480 hours in the Company through the Service, the Company is free to employ the employee of the Company at no cost.

2. If the Company wishes to employ an employee before he has performed 480 working hours for the Company, the Service will charge a recruitment fee corresponding to 1 month's salary for the employee in question.

Deviations from this are agreed individually between the Company and the Service.

Time registration

Hours worked are specified by the employee in the Service and are then approved by the Company in the Service.

Approved hours form the basis for invoicing.

Working hours must be approved or rejected no later than Wednesday the week after the work is completed. If not, the hours will be automatically approved.

Social costs, holiday pay and administration fees are automatically filled in the Service and create the total price for the Company.

NOTE. All prices are excl. VAT.

Payment terms

The company is billed every week they used the platform to find employees and has a 14-day payment deadline.

In the event of late payment, interest is calculated at 2% per commenced month from the due date.

The Service may update the Terms at any time.

If you as a Company have ideas or feedback for the Service, you are very welcome to send them to support@temply.com.

Welcome to the on-demand labor market platform of the future.