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Workers: Job contract


Please read and review these Terms of Use before using Temply (the "Service") provided by the temply.com website and the Temply mobile application. The service is operated and provided by the Swedish company Temply AB, corporate identity no. 559353-7474, Östermalmstorg 1, 11442, Stockholm.

You, a physical or legal person, who uses, registers or intends to register an account in the Service are either an employer who is looking for an employee or an employee who becomes an employee via Temply while assignments are being performed.

When you as a user create a profile on Temply, the following terms and conditions are accepted.

All users' use of the Service is automatically considered an acceptance of these terms together with the personal data policy (located at the bottom of the website) and other guidelines set out in the Service. Temply reserves the right to make changes to the Website, the App and these Terms at any time. All changes take effect when the changes are implemented. As a user of the Service, you accept all changes when the

Service is used.

It is a requirement that all users have reached the age of 18, and this requirement is automatically confirmed when using the Service.

Both employees and employers are obliged to follow rules and internal agreements that are relevant in connection with any employment.

If you do not accept the Terms or comply with any provision of this document, you are not entitled to use the Service.

About the system

Temply is an on-demand labor market platform that helps employers quickly gain access to skilled employees to choose from. This also helps workers to get jobs that suit their skills and desires.

The service automatically handles everything administratively - such as contracts, time registration, salary payments etc. In addition, the Service offers a support team, which is available every weekday between: 09: 00-17: 00.

How it works

When the need arises, the employer puts out a job advertisement where the hourly wage, place and a short description of the job and other requirements are filled in.

As an employee, you state which profession or professions you want to work in and when you want to work. Then you choose which surrounding radius you want to work within and possibly. minimum wage etc. The application will then automatically announce when there is a job advertisement that matches these preferences.

In addition to the practical information, the employee can also provide additional personal information that includes a profile description, a profile picture and previous experiences etc. The more information the employee provides, the greater the chance that it will be selected for a job.

Terms for temporary employees

These terms are entered into between the employee and Temply AB.

When an employee performs an assignment via Temply's platform, the employee is employed by our partner company Gigapay ONLY during the time the assignment is performed, it is also Gigapay that pays the salary to the employee. Exactly how the self-employment works is stated in Gigapay's terms of use: https://gigapay.co/terms/

In other words, Temply is a qualified job broker who offers flexibility with self-employment - at the same time as we handle all administrative work, and ensure that the right salary is paid on time and that the conditions are correct.

In order to be able to perform assignments through Temply, the employee must, in addition to the tax card, have a Swedish social security number, passport or national ID card and work permit if the employee comes from a country outside the EU.

Illness and absence from work:

If you as an employee have taken on an assignment but become ill prior to the assignment, this must be reported to Temply as soon as possible to give Temply the opportunity to find another solution.

In cases where the illness occurs only a few hours before the start of the assignment, it is important to contact Temply by phone as soon as possible, at number: 70258741. You can call during the opening hours which are at. 9: 00-17: 00 Monday – Friday otherwise send us an email.

In cases where you have not notified that you can not perform your assignment and thus do not show up for work, Temply reserves the right to suspend the employee from the platform. As a general rule, the employee is deactivated from the platform for three months, and can then request permission to have the profile activated again.

Work abroad

The employee may not take a job abroad while working on an assignment. This agreement terminates automatically in cases where the employee takes a job abroad at the same time. The employee will then be obliged to reimburse any expenses that may be incurred if the situation should still arise.

Collective agreements and salaries

Temply reflects the client's agreement, which means that in cases where the customer has a collective agreement, the employee takes part in that agreement. In cases where the client does not apply a collective agreement, the employee is offered the usual salary in the industry.

Holiday pay

As an employee, you earn holiday pay of 12% as a supplement to your salary.

Salary payment

Salary payment is made through our partner Gigapay. The employee receives a notification after the work shift has been approved by the client where the employee may choose to withdraw the salary immediately or the 25th the month thereafter. The salary is approved by the employee entering their hours in the platform, after which the employer can choose to approve or reject the hours. The salary for the current month is paid to the bank account the employee has stated in the platform.

The pay period extends from the first to the last in a given month. This means that if a worker e.g. working on 2 September, the salary for this is paid out on 25 October, unless the employee takes out the salary before.


The platform contains user-generated content, in the form of ratings by both employees and employers. These are only expressions of individual employees 'or employers' assessments of each other and are not verified or approved by Temply.

As a general rule, this works independently of Temply's influence. However, if it is assumed that a bad grade is unfounded, Temply can be contacted at any time to check if the grade is well-founded. Temply reserves the right to change / delete a rating. However, this will only happen in very special cases.

Temply may update the terms and conditions at any time.

Welcome to the on-demand staffing platform of the future - for good days at work.