Terms and Conditions

About the system

Temply is an on-demand labor marked platform, that helps employers get quick access to the best possible qualified employees, and workers to get the best jobs possible fitting their skills and wishes - working with what you want, whenever you want, where you want.

The system automatically handles everything administratively - such as contracts, time-registration, payroll, etc. - so no administrative burden. Only job satisfaction, with automatic payment on time.

How it works

As a worker, you simply indicate the profession or professions you want to work as, where you want work, and possibly minimum wage, etc., and the application will automatically notify you of jobs matching your wishes.

In other words, Temply is the best possible job agent and job facilitator - while taking care of all the administrative and ensuring correct salary and on time.

Agreement terms and conditions

This agreement is made between you (hereinafter referred to as Employee) and Temply ApS, CVR 38346598, Kronprinsensgade 3, 2., 1114 Copenhagen K (hereinafter referred to as the Application), and act as an affiliate agreement, where you are offered hourly paid jobs, at the Application's clients.

The application will automatically send you job offers fitting your profession and wanted working location.

You are only employed through the Application during the periods of the individual jobs.

Pay, start time, duration, working hours, workplace, extension, etc., are directly agreed and confirmed in the application.

If you become ill, you must report this through the application as soon as this is known, so it is possible to find a replacement or another solution.

Since the application, according to law, may be subject to social security expenses abroad, if you accept other jobs abroad, you may not undertake to work abroad while working through the Application. This agreement will automatically terminate if you take on jobs abroad, due to this. You are obliged to replace any expenses he Application may have if such should occur.

The vision of the application is to ensure a transparent labor market, so that both employers and employees know what they are getting.


The application always complies with the applicable union agreements and is a member of relevant employer organizations to ensure this.

You will therefore be covered by the union agreement under which the job in question is located, which is stated in the job in question.

If the company has no union agreement, you will be covered by the agreement applicable to the working area. E.g. in warehouse: 3F / Lager. Industry: Industriens overenskomst. Office: HK. Construction: 3F Byg.

With regard to pension, working hours, sickness rights, termination etc., it refers to the applicable union agreements.

You will be paid holiday money, which is paid to Feriekonto.


Salary payment is automatically made through the application, based on the approved hours.

You can register your hours worked every day, and you are to register your hours no later than Sunday at 12 am for the given week you have worked. 
Salary period is from 20th till 19th, with pay out the last day of the month.
Payment will be mad to your specified bank account in the application.


By signing up, you give Temply ApS, CVR 38346598, proxy to make tax card and Danish personal tax number for you at SKAT (the Danish tax authorities) .

The application may at any time update Terms and Conditions.

If you have any good ideas or feedback of the application, you are welcome to send them to support@temply.com to ensure optimal system development.

Welcome to the labor market platform of the future.