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It’s really this easy

Whether you’re used to technology or not, we give you our word that you’ll be able to use our platform. It’s extremely easy to get started, and our customer support is ready to help every weekday from 6 o’clock in the morning.

Create your profile

It’ll take you roughly 3 minutes to create your profile. You can do either on the website or the app.

  • App for iOS and Android
  • Create multiple users as an employer

Create job

Put in the relevant information such as job title, salary and hours. As a part of Dansk Industri, we make sure everything is compliant with the law and labour rules.

  • Save and reuse job templates (tailored to your industry)
  • Set your hourly rate

Post the job

The job will be sent out to the relevant temps. Our workforce consists of more than 10,000 motivated temps.

  • You’ll most likely have the first candidate within 10 minutes
  • Save your favorite temps

Choose your temp

You - and you alone - choose your temps based on their Temply profile and ratings from other employers.

  • Check out review form employers and read resumes
  • Accept a temp - we’ll handle the rest


We take care of contracts, paychecks, working agreements, compliance, etc. This means that you can focus on what’s actually important.

  • Rate and review your temps
  • Build your own workforce with ‘Favorites’

Tailored to your needs

Temply is tailored to your needs and your ways of working. Whether you’re in the kitchen, in the warehouse, or in the office, your next temp is only a couple of clicks away. Use Temply on your phone or computer.

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